Electrical Safety Protection Specialists

About us

MerCs was born from a desire to service a market limited by choice and to provide safe, productive & reliable electrical safety protection for the long- term. The MerCs staff have all serviced this market for many years and their passion sees them all focused on partnering with the industry to deliver technologically advanced products that are highly sort after.


MerCs will achieve this goal through ongoing market contact, education and customer support coupled with mechanisms to ensure it understands and delivers on the needs of the market place.


MerCs very much looks forward to partnering you now and long into the future.


  • MerCs Vision: Bring to market safe, productive, reliable, evolving electrical safety protection products which are highly respected within the electrical sector.
  • MerCs Mission: Strive each and every day to exceed customer service expectations through a systematic approach to operations. Thus ensuring our product evolves with market expectations and that promises made are delivered upon.
  • MerCs Core Values: Safe, Productive, Reliable

Designers, engineers and manufacturers of electrical safety protection devices.