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MerCs Initial Product Suite includes combined overcurrent & earth fault relays, earth leakage relays (& toroids), overcurrent relays, earth fault relays, digital power meter, voltage relays, reverse power relays, motor protection relays, flag relays and current transformers all available off the shelf and with a 2- year warranty, not to mention the myriad of products in the pipeline being developed by our team of expert in-house design engineers.

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Combined Overcurrent & Earth Fault Relay (OCEF)

Protection for 3 independent phase overcurrent elements and one non-directional earth-fault element with all elements connected to the current transformers of the feeders being protected. The unit has 2 sets of current inputs, for 1A and 5A rated CTs.
Download (2014_ME-OCEF-DF) PDF

Overcurrent Relay (OCR)

Microprocessor based digital overcurrent relay using fundamental frequency current measurement for excellent harmonic current rejection. It consists of independent low-set and high-set elements.
Download (2014_ME-OCR-DF) PDF

Earth Fault Relay (EFR)

Microprocessor based digital earth-fault relay using fundamental frequency current measurement for excellent harmonic current rejection.
Download (2014_ME-EFR-DF) PDF

Earth Leakage Relays (ELR) & Current Transformers (CT-Toroid)

Digital and Analogue based earth leakage relays available in fascia and din mount measuring low-level leakage or unbalanced currents due to insulation loss in conductors or equipment to be protected. A zero phase current transformer (toroid) is used to sense the leakage current with all protected conductors passing through the toroid. Additional features are listed within each product catalogue page, however features available include such things as various control voltages (24VDC & 110VAC) auto-reclosing, leakage level indicators, leakage fault recording and many more.
Download (2014_ME-ELRT) PDF
Current Transformer (CT -Toroid)

Digital Power Meter (PM)

Three-phase digital power meter that monitors various parameters in the electrical system. It includes measurements such as Voltage, Frequency, Current, Power Factor, Energy (kVAh, kWh & kVARh) and Power (Apparent, Active & Reactive). through the toroid.
Download (2014_ME-PM-DD) PDF

Voltage Relay (VR)

ME-VR-DD-1P and ME-VR-DD-3P are voltage relays that combine various protections and start-up delays. ME-VR-DD-1P is used for single-phase monitoring while ME-VR-DD-3P is used for 3-phase monitoring.
Download (2014_ME-VR-DD) PDF

Reverse Power Relay (RPR)

ME-RPR relay is a directionally controlled timing relay used to protect AC generators from motoring. When such conditions occur and the reverse current exceeds the adjustable delay time, the trip relay operates to disconnect the circuit.
Download (2014_ME-RPR) PDF

Motor Protection Relay (MPR)

Motor protection relay that combines thermal overload, short circuit, undercurrent, unbalance, phase loss, phase sequence, lock/stall rotor and earth fault protections. It incorporates a 4-digit LED indicator which allows direct numerical readout of set values.
Download (2014_ME-MPR-DF) PDF

Flag Relay (FR)

Flag window to indicate tripped state. Compatibility with standard 11-pin relay configurations. Vibration resistant electrical and/or mechanical reset facilities. Relay will remain latched with the supply removed. Plug-in unit, standard 11-pin base.2- pole change over that resets via mechanical and/or electrical means. Actual measured value and system indication.
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